Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Spring 2014 Loose Button Luxe Box!

Good morning!!

So I forgot my super awesome T3i camera back home so I'm going to have to do this unboxing via my blog, not on YouTube :( (oh well!!) 

So this is the spring edition of the Loose Button Luxe Box. (It's also my last Luxe Box :( couldn't justify the price, but I really enjoyed it and may resubscribe later on).

Let's get started with the mystery bag!! (The box is back home as well and it was just a typical Luxe Box box (?).

The mystery bag of products ;).

First things first!!

SOAP!! by Jane's Pick (@janes_pick)

To start off, you can totally tell this is handmade, IT'S SUPER SOFT!! And there are big chunks of stuff in the soap. I'm not exactly sure which soap this is because there is no real distinct scent right out of the package but I might do a follow up sink test and see if there is a smell from there. So far so good with the spring theme. I like little soap samples like this. They are fun and something I probably wouldn't purchase for myself. 


LIPGLOSS!! by teeez cosmetics

Love the packaging on this lipgloss!! Super cute, girly and kind of retro!! The 'Sheer Gold' lipgloss has a peach smell to it which is nice and sweet. There is definitely some lip-plumping technology in this one. It's a little sticky and not as smooth as I would like but the smell makes me really enjoy it. Seeing that it is paraben free is really awesome as well. :). Can't get over how cute the packaging is!!

Third!! and Fourth!!


I'm going to be honest, when I first saw these in my box, I immediately thought of Makeupandmeg. I think I watched a favourites video she did (? correct me if I'm wrong Meghan) and she stated that she loved Fekkai hair products. I was so excited to get them and they are Brilliant Glossing with Olive Oil ones so that made me more excited!! I just got my hair styled so I'm excited to have glossing hair products :). Good sizes as well with enough product for a good sample.


NAIL POLISH!! by teeez cosmetics

Nail polish junkie right over here! Super cute colour too, like who doesn't like salmon or coral?? Hello! One thing that I noticed and I actually did a side by side comparison was how much this packaging looks like the Julep polish as well. Oh well. I guess it'll fit in with those ones in my collection. This colour is called 'Cadmium Rush', interesting name, I like it! I'm planning on getting a manicure today with a friend so I didn't paint all of my nails with this polish. I think it's super cute how it's called Head Over Heels Nail Lacquer. This colour will look really good with a tan too :) Yay summer :).


EAU DE TOILETTE!! by L'Occitane

Very floral scent, light and semi carbonated feel on the nose. I think the packaging is super cute and I appreciate that the cap screws off and on rather that just popping off which can sometimes cause users like me to lose some perfume onto the carpet (lol). I also think this is a really generous perfume sample for someone like me who has a lot of samples, and a few full size perfumes, that I need to use up. I think it's perfect for spring and can smell the flowers in bloom. This one is called Pivoine Flora.

Last but not least!!


Yay another brand I know!! I feel like this product is such a staple product to have that I was super happy to have a sample of it. Popping it straight into my purse for on the go when my friends ask if anyone has lotion, because I never do! Just a great base product to end on. It's like one of those products that never goes out of style and it is a brand that almost everyone knows so that's nice as well. :). 

Final thoughts!!

Super happy with the variety and plethora of products that I've received. I would definitely recommend this subscription service to people who love beauty and love getting seasonal boxes with nice sized samples. It is a quarterly service and would be an awesome box to give as a gift :).

Thanks for reading :).


Listening to the Country Morning playlist on Songza.

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