Sunday, April 6, 2014

Back At It!!

Yay semi consistent blogging!!

I was talking to an awesome friend this past Friday and she had mentioned that she was excited that I was back to blogging and you know what?? So am I!!

I love using this outlet as a vent session for my life. 

So let's vent!

Spring Break is over :(

I've got the sniffles :(

I've reunited with the best roomie! :D

Back to work tomorrow. I'm very interested to see how the little ones are and how animated and excited they are going to be. 

I really hope I get enough sleep tonight in order to be peppy and fresh for them tomorrow!

P.S. - I have a semi new closet!! My Mom bought me a clothing rack that I have six hangers for!! Yay!! Hanging my clothes and seeing it so I can make cuter outfits. 

Anywho, back to Cora (Coronation Street for all you noobs ;))


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