Friday, June 28, 2013

BVJ Countdown - Day 34!

Well I used to be a farmer, and I made a living fine.
I had a little stretch of land along the sea behind.
But times went by and though I tried, the money wasn't there,
and the bankers came and took my land and told me fair is fair.
I looked for every kind of job the answer always no,
Hire you now they always laughed we just let 20 go
The government they promised me a measly a little sum
But I've got too much pride to end up just another bum,
Then I thought who gives a damn if all the jobs are gone,
I'm gonna be a pirate, on the river Saskatchewan

Didn't know this band before I found these lyrics, but from what I've read, I like them so far! Have that country, dirt road feel.


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