Tuesday, June 18, 2013

BVJ Countdown - Day 24!

Johnny's daddy was taking him fishin'
When he was eight years old
A little girl came through the front gate holdin' a fishing pole
His dad looked down and smiled, said we can't leave her behind
Son I know you don't want her to go but someday you'll change your mind
And Johnny said "Take Jimmy Johnson, take Tommy Thompson, take my best friend Bo
Take anybody that you want as long as she don't go
Take any boy in the world
Daddy please don't take the girl

Don't Take the Girl - Tim McGraw

When trying to decide which song to use today, I just let my head decide. Out of all of the options, this one popped up. Have loved this song since childhood. I love when country songs tell stories, or have a common lyric path, makes it easy to follow and grow with the song. Hopefully he plays this gem :).


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