Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Touch of Nostalgia...

I would normally do a Now Playing in this section, but that would be WAY too many songs!


Have you ever had a day when you are driving in your car, listening to your MP3 player on the treadmill or listening to the radio at work when, like all the stars align, a song from your past comes on and it elicits a memory of days gone by? Well this blog post is all about those songs!

As I type this, one of those songs is playing on my first mp3 player (a Sony Walkman mp3 player that looks like a kidney bean!). The song is Fishin' in the Dark by Nitty Gritty Band. This song (and Cadilac Ranch by the same band) remind me of driving around in my Auntie Bonnie's old car when I was about 5 or 6 years old. I can distinctly remember the lyric from Cadilac Ranch about Tyrannosaurus Rex. Anywho, I had totally forgot about this song until I was in my high school Gym class and my Gym teacher was teaching us line dancing! And what song came on?? CADILAC RANCH! I literally almost passed out! It's like all of my childhood memories came rushing back to me...and it felt amazing! I love that this song is once again popular and I get to hear it when I go out dancing with my friends :).

It's kind of funny how this old mp3 player is like a treasure chest for me. With every click to the next song, it's like discovering another golden coin, or the perfect dress in your size, or the monster buck on the last day of hunting season (hey! I have to be diverse). These songs bring me back to my past that was way more stress-free than my life is right now. I remember jamming (if that's not an ode to the past, I  don't know what is) out to the these songs when my Mom drove us around in our mini-van. Or when I'd go into the big city and we'd get to listen to 92.5 FM in Edmonton and hear the new, cool music. It just feels great to go back to those simpler days, if only for a few minutes, because you get to see how far you've come. Now I cruise around in my own car, and I have satellite radio that I can access anywhere for the 'cool' tunes. It's kind of funny that on certain days, I would rather listen to these gems than the 'cool' tunes anyway.

These songs are timeless, memorable and just plain predictable. I know we all have them, because on a road trip today for work, my coworker 'discovered' a band on my old iPod that he listened to when he was 14 years old and was obsessed with listening to them for about 20 minutes of the drive. We all react differently to these songs. Another example is having a whole country bar crowding the dance floor when 'Bye, Bye, Bye', 'Wannabe', and 'S Club Party' came over the speakers. I know it's a generation thing and we all have certain songs, but the thing that unifies us all is that we have them. We have memories that no one can take away and memories that music can bring back to us at, it seems, just the right moment. 

This is why I love music. The power it has to take people back in time in order to reconnect and reassess their lives. I know I feel amazing after listening to old songs. It's like they are all 'power' songs (if you read my last blog, you know how much I love 'power' songs). So for all of you out there, I hope you have, or at the very least take, a moment where a song from your youth comes into your ear and makes you smile, reminisce and makes you feel instantly better about your life. 

Oh this brings me back...
Wishing you a 'nostalgic' moment,


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