Saturday, November 19, 2016

'Using What I Have' Challenge!!

Hey Guys!!

So about a year ago, I had signed up to do a budget friendly life challenge thingy online. 

One of the tips that the host suggested was to eat from your cabinets.

So shop your stash.

So last night as I was thinking about my week ahead and pay day being on Wednesday I thought to myself 'hmm...I wonder if I can only eat stuff that I have in my house right now until Wednesday!'

So here we go!!

This morning I had a coffee from the Keurig pods that I had, two eggs in the fridge and a slice of bread with margarine that I far so good!!

Kind of worried about lunches and dinners but then I remembered that I had just gotten a four pack of deep dish make at home pizzas from my friend Kristen!!

Pizzas for days!! Yay!! Now here's hoping I can keep this trend going!!

I'll keep you all updated on my FaceBook page: Key of Marie :)

See ya there!!


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