Sunday, January 17, 2016

Goal Board - Explained!!

Hey Guys!!

So in case you didn't know your friendly neighbourhood blog writer is on somewhat of a weight loss/health journey!

I started the program 21 Day Fix one week ago and have been working out and counting containers ever since!!

I also work out with a persona trainer 2x a week at my local SpaLady!!

I can see changes and feel changes in my body and I love it!!

Well today I decided to set some goals for myself and set rewards to go along with those goals!!

So here's my Goal Board!!

So I'm planning these goals in 10 lb increments because I think that is totally achievable!!

10 lb goal - Goal Digger workout shirt - because I love having goals and I love workout shirts!!

20 lb goal - Victoria's Secret workout bra - I need a supportive and cute bra ;)

30 lb goal - Victoria's Secret workout bag - I think this bag is super cute and can house all my stuffs!

40 lb goal - Victoria's Secret (see a theme ;)) workout pants - gotta complete the outfit!!

50 lb goal - Going on a trip to Seattle with my Mama!! We went to New York together 3 years ago and when I mentioned Seattle she seemed eager to join me, which I love!!

60 lb goal - A retro halter bikini - I've never been a bikini girl but you best believe if I get back to my high school weight that I am rocking one!!

70 lb goal - A new tattoo - I may get this one early but I definitely want a new tattoo that's inspirational and all me :)

Super excited that these goals are in place and that they are hanging above my desk so I can see them every day and know what I am working towards!!

Love ya,


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