Saturday, December 27, 2014

New Years Planning!

Hi blog readers!!

How are you??

Long time no talk!

How was your holiday season..wait..the holidays aren't over!! Nope!

New Years is less than a week away!!

And guess who's hosting New Years with her awesome roomie!?!?

ME!! Yay, my inner party planner is super stoked!

So over the next few days as I get stuff ready for New Years I will be posting either videos or blog posts, deal!?!? 

Any suggestions would be awesome. And hearing about your cool plans will be fun too!! 

Can't wait!

The ladies two years ago!

Make 2015 the best year ever!!



  1. Yeah the planning for New Year Eve parties is in full swing. I am also going to host a blasting NYE party at one of my favorite Chicago venues. You know I made the reservations for the venue in September for my NYE bash.


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