Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Body Confidence Song :)

Happy Tuesday!!

So yesterday I was browsing my Facebook feed when I stumbled upon an Edmonton radio station talking about a new single that had just been released. 

It was by a female singer named Meghan Trainor, I'd never heard of her before so I was intrigued what her sound was. 

The single was called "All About That Bass" and the link led me to the music video. 

The song starts with a very 50's style beat and a close-up of Meghan. A few seconds into the video you get a glimpse of a full figured guy shaking his booty (loves it). 

As I listened to the lyrics I started to realize what this song was about: BODY CONFIDENCE! 

Meghan shares that she's not a size 2 and her mama taught her that she's beautiful 'from the bottom to the top'. 

I freakin' love the message of this song!! Makes me want to shake my fanny lol.

It's very catchy but for a lyric junkie like me, I was hooked!!

I want to expose all the women in my life to this song and for them to understand it and take it to heart like I did. It's just so empowering!! 

I really hope you guys take a listen and genuinely listen to the lyrics and apply them to your own lives, because I know that I will. 

Listen to the song...listen to it ;).


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