Saturday, May 17, 2014

Influenster imPress Manicure VoxBox!!

Hey Guys!!

So I'm headed out for the night but I figured I would knock out this quick but awesome blog post about something I just got in the mail!

I got my second VoxBox from Influenster!!

Free stuff that I get to review for free and talk to you about!!

Yay free!!

So this time I got two sets of press on nails, both from the company Broadway Nails!

They are super cute designs, both of them. 

One is a brown flower type pattern and the other set looks like they are flamingo nails!! Awesome for summer right??

These nail designs are super easy to use and put on!!

They only take like 10 minutes to put on and last a really long time, no chipping!!

Super awesome for someone like me who doesn't like to waste time applying nail polish only for it to chip like two days later!!

Can't wait to try these and take dozens of nail pics for Instagram..kidding...right?!?!

Anywho!! I figured I'd let you guys know so that you could sign up and possibly get your own free VoxBox one day!!

My awesome box of nail goodies!!
Have an awesome day guys!!


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