Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Funday! Review :).

Happy Sunday Everyone!!

This is the bag that I made, along with a festive bow for gift-giving :).

So a while back I chose to include as an affiliate on my blog (which means that I'm able to show their ads for a touch of profit). With this inclusion on my blog, they offered one free class to me as long as it was under $49.95. I thought that was super cool and really nice! 

So I popped over to their website, which is super cute and easy to access. I searched their course list and saw one that said 'Design Your Own Handbag' yes!! This seemed like such a cool idea. Like who doesn't love handbags and who wouldn't wanna create their own unique one???

A couple other class options :).
So because Christmas was coming up, I figured that I wanted to make a handbag for someone. That someone turned out to be my bestie, Alyssa :). We had decided that we were gonna do homemade gifts and I'm not sure how much more homemade this could be. 

I was inspired when I was walking through Wal-Mart and I saw this duo of fabric that was yellow and grey, it just spoke to me. It was like 'hey, I'm cute and edgy and slightly alternative' which is Alyssa ;).

So I purchased the fabric, some thread and a zipper (which, alas, was too small). The class was really easy to follow and super in depth. I would suggest that you watch the entire class of a session before you try and complete a project. I made that mistake and was stressed because I kept having to switch through the lessons to follow the steps. 

A benefit to these classes?? They provide you with print outs of how you should cut your fabric to make the four 'base' bags that they offer. It's really helpful and makes the entire process that much simpler to follow.

All of the lessons are on video and you can pause, fast forward, or replay any section as many times as you want. Also, when you buy a class, it's yours for life online in your file! :).

Overall I think this class is awesome! It's very easy to follow, no really crazy items you needed to purchase and the instructor makes handbags for a living so she gives you little tips about hardware and stitching and such.

See the bag I made above :).

After this class, I'm super interested in seeing what else they offer and what other classes are like. If they are anything like this one they will be informative, interactive, and just overall great online courses!!

If you guys are interested, Craftsy has a bunch of free mini-classes to try out!! Check the link!! :)
Thanks for reading!


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