Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Routine Don't Fail Me Now

Routine, routine, routine...

After moving away from home, and having some doubts about if I made the right choice or not, the #1 thing that is getting me settled into my new surroundings the quickest is resorting back to my normal routine! 

Yes, the place I do these things has changed, but the products and the steps have not!

Take tonight for instance: tonight was the first night, of, oh I don’t know seven since I got here, that I’ve actually done my whole night routine!

Quick little overview of this routine:

Use my new Neutrogena makeup remover wipes.

Brush my teeth with my Colgate enamel helping toothpaste.

Wet my face and my Clarisonic Mia 2, then squirt on my vegetable cleanser (can’t remember the name) and then use my Clarisonic on my face.

Dry the face :).

Put on my night cream.

Use my Vanilla Bath and Body Works lotion for my hands (because now that I’m back in a warehouse, they get drier, faster!)

Apply my organic lip balm to my lips.

Take out my pony tail that’s pretty much been up all day and comb through my hair!


ROUTINE!!...and it feels sooo good. 

Everyday gets better and everyday I try something new at camp to make it feel like home (I did my first load of at camp laundry ;))

Welp, that’s this entry...you know what? This is actually pretty therapeutic! 

My amazing Mom suggested that I buy a journal and write in it, but I knew myself and I knew that I would be much more likely to type than to write, so thus a new outlet for me, and very updated blog posts for you!! Yay you!!

Wishing you all comfort in your own routines!!


The beautiful moonlight and the cabins I live in :)

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