Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Battle of the Food Boxes!!

Hey there!!

So recently the boyfriend and I have been trying the ready to make meal boxes!! 

Here are our thoughts ;)

So before I get into each box individually I wanted to preface by saying some of the similarities of the boxes.

We have tried Hello Fresh, GoodFood and MissFresh.

They all come in similar cardboard outside, insulated inside boxes. Super good packaging and the food was cool and was packaged in their recipes for easy put away and organization. 

We got three meals out of each week so that was nice. Not as much grocery shopping, and not a lot of thinking involved for weekend meals. 

We used coupon codes or first try codes for each box so they were way cheaper than normal. 

So here we go!!

So our first box was Hello Fresh. Super popular and well known. 

I paid $32.00 for my first box with the discount and we got 3 meals with this box. 

This is how the food came. All neatly packaged and labeled which really helped when prepped. Produce was super fresh and not banged up which was also nice. 

This was our first meal. Super yummy, filling and light. Courtney, my boyfriend, couldn't stop raving about this one for weeks to come. Was a nice light meal. 

5/5 stars

This was our second meal. Courtney isn't a super fan of sage but this was good. The potato salad was nice and creamy, but as you'll see going forward a lot of these meals felt lemon heavy to me. (I understand we pick these but I didn't expect the amount of lemon we got)

4.5/5 stars

This was our third and last Hello Fresh meal from this box. Courtney really liked the relish and added it to his mental recipe repetoire.  The lamb was good, the relish was a smidge spicy but that may have been because Courtney used red chili flavored olive oil to cook it in ;).

4.8/5 stars (I'm not a huge fan of spice like he is ;))

Onto: GoodFood!!

I paid $29.00 for this box of 3 meals with a coupon code. 

So again this is how our food came in the bag. All well organized and labeled. The produce was a tad less fresh looking than Hello Fresh but nothing too crazy. 

This was our first GoodFood meal. It was super yummy and light but felt like a cheat meal because of the yummy Soba noodles!! I had a lot of cucumber on mine because Courtney doesn't like it, but I wasn't complaining!

5/5 stars

Our second meal. So I'm a sucker for anything pasta so of course I loved this dish. The lamb was super yummy in meatball form as well. The one thing I would ding it on was that the marinated feta had a lot of lemon in it so that kind of overtook the dish. 

4.5/5 stars

This was our third meal. So this one was interesting. The barley risotto was crunchy, but still creamy and yummy. The salad seemed super lemony with the dressing on it. It felt kind of weird eating a meal with no meat but we tried it and I (as an avid meat lover) didn't hate it.

3.5/5 stars

So because we were using codes, Courtney decided to order a box as well. So we got two weeks of GoodFood boxes!!

We are a Banh Mi loving household so this one had to be on the menu!! It was super yummy, easy to prepare and just plain tasty. The marinated veggies were kind of intense but we didn't put much on our sandwich and one of the carrots was kind of limp so we replaced it with one from our own kitchen. 

4.8/5 stars

This one was super yummy and light. It was refreshing with the pico and the tomatillo sauce. One of the things I like about these boxes is that they let you try a lot of different things you normally wouldn't buy, like tomatillos. The meatballs were yummy and this one was yummy. 

4.5/5 stars

Nothing beats steak and potatoes. This meal was a classic and was super yummy. Again my friend lemon reared it's head but by this point Courtney knew to limit the amount on my food because I was bringing it up so much (sorry babe!). The steak was yummy and a good meal to end on!

4/5 stars

Lastly: MissFresh

So I'm going to be honest and didn't have a lot of faith in this one. I had read some negative reviews online after Courtney ordered this one but tried to remain optimistic. We got our box tonight and tried our first meal. I'll update this post as we try more meals.

Courtney paid $30 for this box. 

As you can see there was less ingredients with this box. But they were all relatively fresh. As you can't see they were missing a Souvlaki seasoning pack for our chicken so we had to use our own spices which kind of took away from the souvlaki meal we were having. But I digress.

So as you read above I love a good pasta so this was comfort food for me. It was super simple but also super yummy. Cheese, bacon and can't go wrong. So other than the missing spice packet this was super yummy. Can't wait to see what's next!!

4.5/5 stars

To be continued...


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