Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Well I Got A Lot To Say To You...

Now Playing - Crushcrushcrush (Live) - Paramore - The Final RIOT!

First a little history....


My name is Marie and I love music!! Like we have all seen that commercial where the guy marries the gum..right?? Well I would marry music if I could...we would make beautiful music together...cheesy I know ;). Anywho, back to the real story. I have loved music my entire life and it plays a huge role in my life: from my lowest lows, to my highest highs, music has always been there for me. I felt like this blog was a good idea in order to properly express my love and appreciation for all that music has given me, PLUS open a line of communication about reviews of new CD's and talk about playlists for different activities (not just working out, but taking a bath, crying about an ex, or just going for a walk on the beach!) 

Anywho...now that you know a bit about me and what this blog is about, I look forward to many entries to come :). So excited and so many ideas floating around. 

See you on Side B,

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